Marquees have been around for a long while and have become a common sight in many events across the United Kingdom. Organizers will often hire a marquee for shows, weddings and concerts. Virtually any outdoor event will benefit from the addition of this large tent. Some have proven to be so valuable that they have become semi-permanent fixtures in town squares. Still these are usually found on the grounds of a garden where people will gather after a traditional English wedding. They can be set up to accommodate any number of people. The design is sturdy enough to maintain stability despite disturbances.

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Protection from the Rain

The weather in this region is famously wet and gloomy. It can be hard to predict where it will rain or not so it is always best to be ready. Outdoor events can get cancelled if there was a sudden downpour and no facilities are available to shelter the guests. It can be a mess as well with all the carefully arranged tables and chairs getting soaked. The food will be wasted and the decorations will be ruined. With a marquee in place, the weather might change and everything will still be all right.

Shelter from the Sun

Even on clear sunny days, a marquee will still be useful for any event. It will provide shelter from the harsh rays of the sun if the party is to start early. Summer tents are specially constructed to be more breathable such that the inside will still be cool and comfortable despite the four-wall coverage. Many feature clear windows that allow sunlight to filter through for natural illumination. These will also let those inside enjoy their surroundings and not feel too removed from the rest of the world. After all, these are typically installed in beautiful gardens that are meant to be seen and experienced.

Privacy for the Event

The marquees also provide a measure of privacy for the hosts and guests. Crowd control is easier and party crashers can be minimised. Some events are meant to be small and solemn. Having a tent ensures that things will stay this way. Prying eyes and cameras can be kept away. Ceremonies can proceed without major disturbances from the outside. Extra security personnel may be considered in some cases for assistance. This is especially important if there are VIP guests who need protection and require privacy or anonymity.